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City Events
2015 - 2020

In 2015 I was asked to photograph an event for The Guild of Entrepreneurs and since then have photographed for a number of City Livery Companies. My documentary style lends itself nicely to the iconic London venues nestled in the heart of the city.

“I am delighted by the consistent high-quality of Jonathan Cherry’s work for the Guild of Entrepreneurs. He has such a light touch that even his formal portraiture seems to convey the true charisma of the subjects. Successive Masters, Wardens, Freemen and guests love his work. Most especially, I have been hugely impressed by the range of atmospheric, observational images that he has taken of the Guild’s events. His carefully-crafted photographs have illustrated hundreds of Entrepreneurs’ webpages, magazines and brochures – publications that have drawn praise from a very wide readership. Working with Jonathan is a huge pleasure – he is both intuitive and biddable, and works quietly and thoroughly every time to produce really outstanding results.”

– Entrepreneurs’ Clerk, Duncan Simms
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