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Portrait by Ola O. Smit
Jonathan Cherry is available for editorial, freelance and collaborative work:
jc [at] jonathancherry [dot] net
+44 (0) 7889 256 123

b.1986, Jonathan Cherry is a photographer, videographer & keen cyclist. He graduated from University College Falmouth in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Photography, studying under Steven Tynan and Sian Bonnell. His passion for understanding people shines through in his work.

Since graduating Jonathan founded MULL IT OVER; a series of web based interviews with innovative contemporary photographers from around the world.

He uses a Mamiya 7ii, a Wista 45SP, a Hasselblad 503CXi with Kodak film and a Canon 5D Mark III.

Jonathan currently lives with his wife Gemma and daughter Alva in Staffordshire.

Clients include:

A-Side Studio
Boat Magazine
British Council
British Red Cross
The Company of Entrepreneurs
Creation Fest
Cwtch Camping
Departures Design
The Do Book Co.
The Do Lectures
Dorset Cereals
Ella's Kitchen
Enterprise Car Hire
Evangelical Alliance
FA Wales
Glug Birmingham
Good Energy
The Good Life Experience Festival
The Guardian
Harris & Wilson
HIUT denim
Innocent Unplugged
Kennedy City Bicycles
Luke Sital-Singh
Mini Street Style
Monotype Magazine
Pashley Cycles
Paw Patrol
Quicke’s Cheese
Remedy Kombucha
Rubies in the Rubble
Samaritans Purse
Spring Harvest
The Simple Things Magazine
Simpson Magazine
Soul Survivor
The Thoughtful Bread Company
Transforming Lives for Good
West Mercia Police

+44 (0) 7889 256 123
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